Ayurveda BodyChoice
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Ayurveda BodyChoice

Please Note This Table is Now Available with Limited numbers til next shipment.  Please reverse your table today as a limited number of Tables will be available.

The  Ayurveda massage table has been specially developed for the Ayurvedic healing arts. Its elevated edges help contain massage oil making it possible to use copious amounts of oil without fear of creating a mess.

This beautiful and spacious massage table comes equipped with a Shiatsu cable release function which allows you to fold away the table's legs and work with your clients directly on the floor. In addition to a regular headrest pillow, the Ayurveda massage table also comes with a special Shirodhara headrest pillow that is designed to allow oil to collect and pour neatly into a container below it. As an added bonus, this elegant table comes with a free matching oil- resistant cover that is both soft and durable. 

The BodyChoice Ayurveda massage table structural system is made of high-quality beech hardwood to ensure professional strength. The double-lock leg adjusters allow for additional stability and security. This member of the BodyChoice massage table series is also equipped with our signature Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System for streamlined folding and opening of the table in just seconds. The upholstery is comprised of over two-inch thick, high-density, small-cell foam padding and environmentally and skin friendly PU-leather (oil and waterproof) for the comfort of your clients.

 Features and Benefits **This Table is out of Stock**

  • Special Elevated Table Edges Help Contain Oil and Prevent Messes
  • Shiatsu Cable Release Function Allows You to Fold Table Legs and Work With Clients on the Floor
  • Shirodhara Headrest Pillow is Designed to Collect and Pour Oil Neatly into a Container Below
  • Extra-Wide Width Provides Abundant Space for Your Client
  • More Than Two-Inch Thick, High-Density, Small-Cell Foam Padding For Your Clients’ Comfort
  • Environmentally and Skin Friendly PU-Leather (Oil and Waterproof) Which is Stronger and More Comfortable Than Previously Used PVC
  • Double-Lock Leg Adjusters for Life-Long Stability and Security of Your Massage Table
  • Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System For Opening and Folding Your Massage Table in Seconds
  • Built-in Reiki Panels Allow You to Sit at Either End of the Massage Table

 Sizes and Colors

  • Available Widths: 32” (See Specifications for More Details)
  • Available Color Combination:  Cream and Mahogany
  • Legs and Frame Constructed From High-Quality Beech Hardwood in a  Mahogany Finish

Ideal For

  • Ayurvedic Healing Arts
  • Practitioners That Work With Large Amounts of Massage Oil

Free Accessories

  • Free Adjustable Headrest
  • Free Regular Face Pillow
  • Free Shirodhara Face Pillow
  • Free Matching Oil-Resistant Cover
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf
  • Free Standard Carrying Case
Specifications Ayurveda BodyChoice Massage Table
Width 32"
Length 79''
Length with Headrest   96"
Adjustable Heights 26" - 36"
Weight 41 lbs
Static Weight 2,000 lbs
Working Weight  625 lbs
Padding Over 2'' High-Density, Small-Cell Foam
Vinyl Environmentally and Skin Friendly PU-Leather (Oil & Waterproof)
Leg & Frame High Quality Hardwood (Beech)

Auto Lock Frame & Leg System for Opening and Folding in Seconds
Double Lock Leg Adjusters for Life-Long Stability and More Security


Ten-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Legs & Frame.  2-Year Guarantee Against Defects of PU-Leather.


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Ayurveda BodyChoice

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