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The electric-motorized Cozy Spa LiftBack PowerLift automatically raises and lowers smoothly and effortlessly with a touch of a pedal. The table’s four-section design can go from a minimum height of 21 inches to its maximum height of 41.5 inches in 30 seconds or less. What an amazing height range!  The manually adjustable backrest and leg section allow you to position your clients in a variety of ways maximizing their comfort and your effectiveness as a therapist. 

This handsome massage table comes in an attractive cream and mahogany color combination and also features armrests that move up and down with ease which allow your clients easy access when getting on or off the table.  For even more versatility, you can remove the armrests completely and use the included hanging arm shelf

The Cozy Spa LiftBack PowerLift massage table’s structural system is made of hardwood beech to ensure professional strength. The upholstery is comprised of 3.5 inch-thick, high-density, small-cell foam padding and environmentally and skin friendly PU-leather (oil and waterproof) for the comfort of your clients.

Features and Benefits

  • High-Quality Electric Motor Raises and Lowers Table With a Touch of a Pedal Providing an Amazing Height Range and Ease as well as Convenience for You and Your Clients
  • Manually Adjustable Backrest and Leg Section Offer Endless Ways to Position Your Clients Comfortably
  • Fully Adjustable and Removable Armrests Allow Your Clients to Access the Table With Ease and Rest Their Arms Comfortably During Massage
  • 3.5-Inch Thick, High-Density, Small-Cell Foam Padding For Your Clients’ Comfort
  • Environmentally and Skin Friendly PU-Leather (Oil and Waterproof) Which is Stronger and More Comfortable than Previously Used PVC

Sizes and Colors

  • Available Width: 30” (See Specifications for More Details)
  • Available Color Combination: Cream and Mahogany
  • Legs and Frame Constructed From Hardwood Beech

Ideal For

  • Spas, Medi-Spas and Resorts
  • Practitioners Who Desire the Elegance and Convenience of an Electric Lift Massage Table
  • Practitioners Who Desire a Desire the Flexibility of an Adjustable Backrest and Leg Section

Free Accessories

  • Free Ergonomic Headrest
  • Free Ergonomic Face Pillow
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf
  • Free Removable Side Arm Rest
Specifications Cozy Spa LiftBack PowerLift Electric Massage Table
Width 30"
Length 69''
Length with Headrest 79''
Adjustable Heights 21" - 41.5"
Weight 140 lbs
Static Weight 1,985 lbs
Dynamic Weight  500 lbs
3.5'' High-Density, Small-Cell Foam
Vinyl Environmentally and Skin Friendly PU-Leather (Oil & Waterproof)
Leg & Frame Constructed from Beech Hardwood

Electric Power Lift System

  • 2 Year Guarantee on Electric Components Including Motor, Control Box, Cable and Foot Pedal.
  • 10 Year Guarantee on Legs and Frame


  • Item #: CSLBP-1

Cozy Spa LiftBack PowerLift

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