Essential Oil Heaters
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Essential Oil Heater

Add a touch of Chinese culture to your décor!   Our set of two beautiful Essential Oil Heaters, along with tea light candles and your favorite scented oils, are all you need to fill your home with fragrance and elegance.  The carvings on these exquisite Chinese ceramic Essential Oil Heaters are done by hand.  Watch beautiful shadows dance across your room as the tea lights glow through the carvings.

* Please Note Whether you would like the Altar shape or Egg Shape Oil Heater *

Features and Benefits

  • The generous oil well can be filled with your favorite essential oil or scented oil. Once the oil is warmed, your home will be filled with pleasing fragrance.
  • The small compartment in the bottom of the burner perfectly houses a tea light that gently heats your favorite oil
  • The beautiful hand-carved designs add elegance to your décor and create delightful shadows with the help of a tea light
  • The choice of the exquisite Altar heater or the gorgeous Egg-Shaped heater lets you select the perfect Essential Oil Heater for your décor

Sizes and Colors

  • Altar:  4" x 4.4"
  • Egg-Shaped:  1.9" x 4" x 4.8"
  • Color: Natural White

Ideal For

  • Spas
  • Salons
  • Resorts
  • Home


  • Fill the oil well with your favorite scented oil.  Place an unscented tea light with the wick standing straight up into the candle compartment.  Light the tea light candle and enjoy!


  • Keep the oil heater in an open area away from anything flammable.  Ensure there is a sufficient amount of oil in the oil well when in use.  Only use tea light candles.  Never leave the oil heater unattended.


  • Tea light candles and essential oil not included
  • Please Note Whether you would like the Altar shape or Egg Shape Oil Heater
  • Item #: EOH-2

Essential Oil Heaters

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