Inversion Table ProSeries
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Premium Foldable Exercise Inversion Table. Inversion therapy puts gravity to work for you by placing your body in line with the downward force of gravity. Using your own body weight as a natural form of traction, inversion elongates the spine by increasing the space between the vertebrae, relieving the pressure on discs, ligaments and nerve roots. If this is the first inversion table you use, please have one adult beside you for the safety of you, it take some time to get used to it, before that, please make sure one capable adult is beside you when you use the equipment. Folds for easy storage when not in use Complete with a safety strap allows you to choose inversion angle; use the safety lock when not in use Adjust ankle footing with a lower spring-loaded pull-pin; 4 safe foam rollers included for comfort Pull-pin adjustment system is easy-to-use and accommodates heights from 4 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 5 inches Some assembly required For the assembly step, please check the product manual.

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Inversion Table ProSeries

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