Standard PowerLift
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The Standard PowerLift electric massage table smoothly raises and lowers with a touch of a foot pedal thanks to its quiet, high-quality electric actuator.  This beautiful table’s top has rounded corners and is ergonomically contoured with a narrower midsection to provide better, closer access to clients.  The manually adjustable built-in headrest and arm shelf raise and lower to 35° above and 50° below the table in an easy, fluid motion.  And best of all, this table is the most affordable of its kind!

The Standard PowerLift is constructed from strong steel and is covered with soft, durable, environmentally friendly, cream-colored PU-leather upholstery (oil and waterproof).  Its padding consists of 3'' of durable Multi-Layered, Semi-Firm Foam which ensures the longevityof your table as well as the comfort of your clients.  Its four lockable wheels make the Standard PowerLift a cinch to move around or lock securely into place.

Features and Benefits

  • Spa-Quality at an Affordable Price
  • A Quiet, High-Quality Electric Actuator Smoothly and Conveniently Raises and Lowers the Table With a Touch of a Foot Pedal
  • A Built-In Manually Adjustable Headrest and Arm Shelf Raise and Lower in an Easy, Fluid Motion For Your Convenience and the Comfort of Your Clients
  • Ergonomically Contoured Table Top With Rounded Corners Provides Better, Closer Access to Clients
  • 3'' of Durable Multi-Layered, Semi-Firm Foam Ensures the Longevity of Your Table as Well as the Comfort of Your Clients
  • Four Lockable Wheels Make Moving and Securing the Table a Cinch
  • Oil and Waterproof PU-Leather Upholstery Which is Comfortable, Durable and Environmentally Friendly

Sizes, Colors, and Construction

  • Available Width:  29” at wides point, 27" at narrowest point
  • Available Upholstery Color:  Cream
  • Scissor-Design Legs and Frame Constructed From Strong Steel

Ideal For

  • Salons
  • Spas

Free Accessories

  • Free Built-In Headrest (With Standard Face Pillow) and Arm Shelf Combination                                                                     
    Specifications Standard Powerlift Electric Massage Table
    Width 29'' at wides point, 27" at narrowest point
    Length 67''
    Length with Headrest 80''
    Adjustable Heights 20" - 38"
    Weight 168 lbs
    Static Weight 2,800 lbs
    Working Weight 600 lbs
    Lifting Capacity 450 lbs
    Padding 3'' Multi-Layered, Semi-Firm Foam
    Upholstery Environmentally and Skin Friendly PU-Leather (Oil & Waterproof)
    Legs and Frame

    Strong Steel

    • 2 Year Guarantee on Electric Components Including Motor, Control Box, Cable and Foot Pedal
    • 10 Year Guarantee on Legs and Frame
    Electrical System 110 Volts / 60 Hz / Type A Two-Pronged Plug
    Box Dimensions 77" x 29" x 24"
  • Item #: SPL-1

Standard PowerLift

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