Stationary Massage Table
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Our Stationary Massage Table is specifically designed to not only meet, but surpass the highest demands of every professional body worker.

This handsome, luxurious, yet affordable, stationary massage table comes equipped with a removable and adjustable headrest and a full size underneath storage shelf.  The upholstery is comprised of 3'' high-density, small-cell foam with the new environmentally and skin-friendly PU leather. This ensures maximum comfort for your clients while providing firm resilience during bodywork treatments. Using our highly skilled craftsmanship and only the finest materials such as first-rate beech wood, this Stationary Massage Table is the best buy in its class.



  • Width 28"
  • Length 77"
  • Length with Headrest 86"
  • Adjustable Heights 27" - 31"
  • Weight Limit 1500 lbs Working
  • Padding 3" High density, small cell foam for the extra comfort of your client
  • Surface Material Oil & Waterproof PU Leather
  • Leg & Frame High Quality Hardwood (Beech)
  • Item #: MT-011

Stationary Massage Table

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