Thai Hourglass-Shaped Pillow
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Introducing the versatile Thai Hourglass-Shaped Pillow. It is perfectly sized and shaped to be used as a comfortable neck support or used as a bolster under your knees to relieve pressure off your lower back. Place the Thai Pillow behind your back when seated and you’ll feel instantly better. It’s comfortable enough to rest your head on for a quick nap. The gorgeous Thai Pillow makes a unique statement in your home and goes well with many types of décor. Choose from either our green-or red-patterned styles.

Features and Benefits

  • Its size and shape make it excellent for neck support.
  • It works well as a bolster under your knees when lying on your back.
  • It supports your lower back when seated in your favorite chair.

Its gorgeous design and interesting shape make it a unique addition to your décor.

Colors available: Green, Red


  • Item #: THSP-2

Thai Hourglass-Shaped Pillow

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