The Sophie Prone Pregnancy Cushion w/Cover
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The Sophie Prone Pregnancy Cushion Professional Version

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The Sophie is the first clinically accepted ,patented pregnancy cushion on the market that allows you several options with your clients. The Sophie, in combination with the support blocks and head cushion, can be altered to allow treatments for the various body types during pregnancy. Plus, The Sophie is available with a retail version that can allow your clients to continue their therapy at home.

The Sophie is sealed with a Latex Free spray that is easy to sterilize after each use. Each Sophie comes with Velcro attachments that alters your cushion to fit your individual client’s needs. You can easily move the blocks forward, in, out or back to accommodate your client’s growing uterus for comfort and treatment. Unlike other competitive pillows, The Sophie has two areas for additional breast comfort for your clients.

The Sophie comes with one main cushion, two side support blocks and a head cushion and Cover.


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The Sophie Prone Pregnancy Cushion w/Cover

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