Tilt-Matic Stationary Massage Table
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Tilt-Matic Stationary Massage Table is one of the most comfortable tables on the market.


It is padded with 4" high-density, small-cell foam including 0.6" memory foam with the new environmentally and skin-friendly PU leather. It comes equipped with a face cradle, face cushion, natural maple legs with coating and hanging arm sling.

Side arm rests adjust automatically, providing maximum client comfort and easing the work of the therapist. The arm sling for the client lying face down can also be set up easily.

The understructure of the table is set back from the table edges, providing better access and excellent body mechanics all the way around the table. The open storage shelf underneath the table puts tools you need at your fingertips.

The Interlock-legs offer unsurpassed stability and easy single-knob height adjustments. The switch for the back and legrest only needs light pressure and the hydraulic pump will move the backrest or legrest.

This Tilt-Matic Stationary Massage Table is truly a gem for every spa or wellness center.


• Width 30"

• Length 73"

• Weight Limit 1500 lbs Working, 3300LB Static

• Padding 4" Small Cell High Density Foam with 0.6" Memory Foam

• Surface Material Oil & Waterproof PU Leather

• Leg & Frame High Quality Maple Hardwood

  • Item #: MT-S4-7

Tilt-Matic Stationary Massage Table

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